How To Register And Create a CoinW Account

This article will explain how to register and create a CoinW account, so you can start trading cryptocurrencies on one of the world’s easiest crypto-exchange platforms.

Cryptocurrency is a revolution aiming to replace the regular physical currency we use for various reasons.

Since introducing cryptocurrency as a means of transaction, they have made several establishments regarding using coins.

One establishment is the introduction of Crypto trading. 

Many people believe cryptocurrency trading is a replacement for traditional forex trading. Cryptocurrency trading is not a replacement but an addition to forex. 

What is CoinW Exchange

CoinW exchange is a trading platform that allows you to trade coins. Like the definition of Crypto-trading, CoinW allows you to trade by exchanging coins for another or money. 

CoinW was launched in 2017 to simplify the trading difficulty by making the user interface easy to use and providing more tools and features for better and efficient trading and price prediction. 

Currently, CoinW, unlike many trading platforms, has physical centers in three different countries and supports three different languages. These languages are English, Chinese, Korean, and Turkish. 

Unlike many trading platforms, CoinW holds the MSB financial license of the USA, the MAS license of Singapore, the SVGFSA license, and more recently, Canadian MSB license.

CoinW complies with these licenses to ensure no scams on the site.

Hence, it’s safe to say that you can trust CoinW with your trading activity and be safe from Fraud.

So I’ll highly recommend you start your trading journey with CoinW by downloading the app or signing up on CoinW’s website.

How to Get StartedRegister and Create a CoinW Account

Registering an account with CoinW is relatively easy. They are two mediums you can leverage when getting started with CoinW. You can register an account using the App, and you can also register an account through the website. 

Steps to getting started with CoinW through the web link 

Here’s how to register and create a CoinW account via the website.

Visit the CoinW website. The first page that pops up is the mobile view for the landing page.  

If your page looks like this, you are on the right website. 

CoinW website

Once you are on the site, look below the page, there is a short menu displaying a few options. 

Click Me

Move directly to the “Me” option and proceed to the registration page. Once you click the “Me” option, you will be taken to a page like this. 

CoinW registration

Fill in your details and click on the “Send” button. A verification code will be sent to you. 

Before the code is sent, you will need to pass verification. 

Pass verification

Passing the Verification is easy. 

Verification puzzle

All you need to do is slide the arrow until it fits the space filling the main image. 

Once you have your verification code, fill it in, and boom… Registration is complete. You can then proceed to download the app from the play store. 

Steps to Registering with the Mobile App

Registering with the mobile app is also easy and has the same procedure as registering through the web link.  All you need is a valid email or phone number. 

The only difference is that you must download the app from Google PlayStore

Download app from playstore

You can also download CoinW app from App Store for iOS users.

After downloading the app from your PlayStore, follow The procedure for registering using the website. 

After your registration, ensure you verify your identity so you can have unlimited access to the site.

Identity verification

If your verification is incomplete, you will be limited to certain activities on the site and the website. There are two verification levels, but the first is all you need to do. 

Click on the “Go to verify”, and it will take you to a page like this. 

identity authenticaton

Select other regions to select your country. Unless you’re from China, you must select the other regions and click on the next button. 

Identity verify

Immediately you click the “Next” button, you will be taken to a page similar to mine. Fill in the details truthfully so your verification doesn’t get rejected. 

When your verification is complete, you now have unrestricted access to your trading. 

To learn how to log in to CoinW on PC and Mobile, read this post.

Making money through CoinW Referral 

CoinW allows its users to make money through referrals. 

There are two basic referral programs you can use to make money. These are the Cashback invites and the Regular Invite. 

Cashback invite

Cashback invite

The cashback invite is an exclusive program where you make money from inviting your friends to trade the CoinW futures. 

The benefit of inviting your friends to this program is 1 USDT and a chance to take part directly in the sharing of 2000 USDT. 

Regular Invite 

Regular invite

This is the standard referral program where you get paid some coins for the people who register through your link. 

You earn a direct commission from every fee charged to those who register through your link through this referral program.

Features of CoinW

CoinW has several features that make it distinguishable from other similar exchange platforms. The most important of all its features is the trading features, which will be discussed.  

CoinW Trading Feature

To make trading easier and more efficient, CoinW was launched. By offering different trading options, the goal has been achieved. 

They are four different trading options CoinW offers, and they are: 

  • Spot Trading
  • Futures Trading
  • Buy Coin 
  • ETF Trading 

Spot Trading: 

Spot trading

Starting with the first trading options, Spot trading is originally the act of exchanging one coin for another with a single trade or button. Spot trading involves two coins that differ entirely from each other. 

The first coin pair is the base coin you intend to buy or sell. The second-quote coin is always the coin with which you intend to buy the base pair.

The easiest way of trading without confusion is having your quote coin in USDT, a stablecoin equivalent to the United States Dollar (USD). 

The central idea behind spot trading is to either buy and hold a specific coin or sell a specific coin at a certain amount.

The amount you intend to sell your coin could be above the market price. In this case, you will need to read the chart to determine the price point you can sell or buy to make the most profit. 

Futures Trading:

Futures trading

Futures Trading is more like Forex Trading. It differs from spot trading because you are not interested in buying or selling a coin but in the future price of a coin. 

Cryptocurrency futures are agreements between two investors that bet on a cryptocurrency’s future price. They allow people who want to bet on the coin’s future price. Like forex, once your prediction comes true, you make money, and if it goes against you, you lose money. 

This type of trading requires more technical analysis, and the only coin you need to have is USDT. This coin allows you to buy or sell a pair for the future price of a pair. 

ETF Trading Option:

ETF Trading

ETF stands for exchange-traded fund. This type of pooled investment security operates much like a mutual fund. Typically, ETFs work and operate like indexes and are traded like indexes. 

Forex Trading is no longer the only trading option where indexes are traded. The recent upgrade on cryptocurrency Trading now allows certain indexes of certain Crypto to be traded with USDT. 

CoinW is one of the advanced exchange platforms that has integrated ETF trading. 

Coin Buying:

Coin buying

This Crypto trading option allows you to buy coins needed to fund your trading wallet. You can buy coins directly from a bank account using your visa card or through any foreign account you might own. 

Frequently Asked Questions on CoinW

What is CoinW in Crypto? 

CoinW is an exchange app in the cryptocurrency domain aimed at simplifying and making trading cryptocurrency fun and easy. 
CoinW is a trading exchange platform Created in Singapore, allowing users to trade BTC easily, ETH, HC, EOS, LTC, XRP, QTUM, and other assets. 

Which Token is the CoinW-based Token?

CoinW Token stands for CoinW Token and was launched in August 2019 on the ERC20 network.CWT is a utility token for CoinW and can be held or used to trade on the CoinW exchange app. They often give the Token to users for free as a reward.


CoinW is an advanced Crypto exchange app with great integrations that helps traders in their trading journey.

One of these integrations is the advanced chart. This window is loaded with lots of tools to ensure you get the best price prediction. 

The chart can be viewed in different time frames to enable you to find confluence when trading. The chart also has significant indicators like the volume indicator and MA’s. Additionally, these indicators assist in predicting the best price point to trade.

Aside from the chart window, The user interface is also friendly, and the homepage is loaded with information for newbies to ensure they are equipped with the information before trading. 

You’ve learned how to register and create a CoinW account through the website and mobile app. Follow through this post and start your trading journey on CoinW.

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