CoinW Exchange Review: Is it Legit? [Pros & Cons]

CoinW exchange review

In this post, CoinW exchange review, we’ll learn all that is to CoinW.

Investing in cryptocurrency now requires an exchange platform. What exactly do some of these platforms do or require?

It is no news that crypto trading has skyrocketed in popularity and is expected to maintain this upward pace in many coming years.

In this post, you will learn about the CoinW exchange platform, understand its operation, and if it is the best fit for your crypto trading.

As we review one of the latest crypto trading platforms in the world, you can grab a cup of coffee or your favorite liquor and enjoy the read because it will be interesting.

Ready? Let’s go!

CoinW overview

Here’s a complete overview of CoinW, how it works, and reviews about the platform.

What is CoinW?

CoinW is an online cryptocurrency platform founded in 2017. It was developed by CoinW Inc and provides financial services like contract and OTC trading, ETF, and Spot trading, amongst many others. 

CoinW has become a significant player in the world of cryptocurrency, and with over 7 million users and thousands of app downloads on the google play store, CoinW is not slowing down anytime soon. 

It is a platform where buyers can purchase cryptocurrencies, and sellers can trade their cryptocurrencies.

Although it is relatively easy for individuals to sign up on the platform, CoinW has strict guidelines that all its users must adhere to. 

Amongst those rules is that users must carry out a verification of identity before performing serious trading activities.

How Does CoinW work?

CoinW has an app and website where users can easily buy, trade, and exchange cryptocurrencies. 

To start trading cryptocurrencies on CoinW, you need to create an account.

Head to the website and select sign-up as shown below:

If you have an account already, you can simply log in by providing the email account you used when signing up and your password. 

Each account possesses a unique ID specific to that account and cannot be accessed by others without permission or authorization.

To access other exciting features on CoinW, users must complete the highest type of Identity verification

Users with incomplete identity verification cannot access these exciting features unless they complete the verification. 

After users verify their identities, they can proceed to deposit or fund their wallets to carry out all monetary transactions like buying and selling their cryptocurrencies.

Users can select from the different available trading options on the platform to buy or sell their cryptocurrencies.

In addition, users can purchase from over 320 cryptocurrencies available on the platform for trading.

Is CoinW worth it?

Yes, CoinW is worth it. It is a great platform that is quite popular and has a vast customer base in different countries.

It offers users the best services and guarantees customer satisfaction. 

The CoinW platform is user-friendly and also quite welcoming to its beginners. Complete novices and inexperienced users easily navigate the app and website.

Users can trade over 320 cryptocurrencies on the platform.

Alongside the cryptocurrencies are their current market prices and exchange rates, so crypto traders know if they should make the big decision of buying or selling. 

In addition, exchange fees on the platform are pretty low and affordable for traders.

Users of the platform are also guaranteed maximum security when trading; their account details and transactional information are completely safe from the reach of outsiders. 

No one can access your details unless you permit them. Another huge bonus is that users get to complain to customer support if they are experiencing any difficulties using the app or website.

CoinW Exchange Review: Features

In this section, we will review CoinW exchange features.

Buy/sell cryptocurrencies

The main feature of the CoinW platform is buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Users can choose whether to buy cryptocurrencies on the platform or sell them.

Users have wallets where they can store their coins, pending when they decide to sell them. They can withdraw their funds and profits anytime from different payment options.


Another important feature on the CoinW platform is the future trading option. This option provides users the opportunity to open a position on the platform. 

This position is simply your Futures account. After opening a Futures account, the next step is depositing your purchased cryptocurrencies in the account. 

Futures accounts are different from other accounts in that you do not own cryptocurrency but own a contract stating that you will sell it sometime in the future.

To trade using your Futures account, simply login to your CoinW account, deposit an amount for trading, and create a Futures account.

The futures trading option also offers users a Futures bonus on creating their futures account to carry out their crypto trading. 

The bonus is usually the amount of 10 USDT that you can use for trading. Check our in-depth post to get more information on futures trading.

Spot trading

Spot trading is a type of cryptocurrency trading that involves using one cryptocurrency to purchase another. 

The spot trading market differs from other markets because it is less regulated and easily subject to buyers’ sentiments.

Spot trading is usually scheduled based on a time and price priority.

Though buyers can cause fluctuations in the price and demand for specific cryptocurrencies, the spot trading exchange provides them with adequate information on the actual prices of these cryptocurrencies so they can make the right decisions. 

In addition, there is no transaction fee for all spot coins, i.e., spot coin transactions are free for users on the platform.

Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)

Exchange-traded funds are a highly volatile crypto trading option. They involve the possession of multiple underlying assets, which serve as a means of security for traders. 

The demand for security results from the constant price fluctuations of cryptocurrencies traded on this option.

The exchange-traded fund is a cryptocurrency trading option that ensures traders possess multiple assets in their investments.

Copy trading

Another essential feature on the CoinW platform is copy trading.

This option requires traders to apply for the CoinW Lead Trader option, and on successful completion of the process, the trader receives interest upon his investment. 

After traders open a copy trading account, they can promote their trading strategy and earn from followers who copy their strategy. 

Traders are not allowed to use small margins for their trading; instead, they must deposit assets greater than 500USDT.

CoinW referral code

Another essential feature is the referral option. Traders on the platform can use referral codes or encourage other users to sign up with their referral codes.

Users who invite others using their referral codes receive bonuses whenever someone creates an account using their links.

In addition, users can share their links across different platforms like social media and encourage others to use their links.

CoinW exchange review: Cryptocurrencies available

There are over 320 cryptocurrencies available on CoinW. Presently, there are 320 cryptocurrencies available for trading by users on the platform. 

Amongst the available coins are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Luna coin, Dodge coin, Binance Coin, and many others. Check out the CoinW mobile app or website for the complete list of available cryptocurrencies.

CoinW exchange review: Crypto coins

CoinW Exchange Review: Supported Applications

CoinW is supported by most operating systems, like the android operating system, which requires android version 5 and above. It is also supported on the internet Operating System, Apple’s mac, and Microsoft Windows 7 and above.

CoinW Exchange Alternatives

Lets take a look at some of the alternatives to CoinW


CoinW exchange review: Binance

Binance is another popular cryptocurrency exchange platform founded in October 2017.

It has become a key player in the cryptocurrency world and has developed two cryptocurrencies of its own, the Binance Coin and Binance USD, for those in America only. 

It has an app and a website where users can trade their cryptocurrencies. Binance offers its users maximum security to carry out all trading activities. See our comparisons between Binance and CoinW.

The Binance app has over 50 million downloads on the google play store with over 90 million users worldwide. It has over 350 cryptocurrencies on the platform and offers users NFT shopping options. 

Users can buy and sell crypto and NFTs and earn interest on their crypto holdings on the platform.

In addition, users can set price alerts to stay current on the latest prices and trends and set recurring buys to purchase cryptos regularly. 

Binance users also have the opportunity to use the Binance card as a payment tool in over 50 million merchants worldwide.

Binance also has the Binance Academy app on the google play store for users who wish to learn cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. 

On the app, users have access to various tools and resources to learn different trading techniques and crypto analyses that can give them an edge over others.

In addition, there is the Binance Custody app for institutions wishing to store cryptocurrencies.

The app offers customized protection for its users and is dedicated to safeguarding clients’ crypto funds and assets using bank-grade security. You must know that the app is for institutional investors only.


CoinW exchange review: KuCoin

One of the top three crypto exchanges in the world with over 20 million registered users. KuCoin is a crypto exchange platform for trading cryptocurrencies. 

It has an app on the google play store with over 5 million downloads and a website where its users can carry out various trading activities using the different trading options on the platform.

Check our comparison post between CoinW and KuCoin.

It was developed by Kucoin Technology Co. in 2018 and is currently used in over 100 countries worldwide. The platform offers its users crypto tokens for purchase, margin trading, and spot trading. 

Users on the platform have the opportunity to trade using comprehensive tools and can quickly review the value of each cryptocurrency.

In addition, users can securely withdraw using standard payment methods.

The platform also offers the purchase of NFTs as an additional service, and over 50 Fiat currencies support trading on the platform.


CoinW exchange review: Coinbase
CoinW exchange review: alternative

The world’s second most popular crypto exchange after Binance, Coinbase has over 100 million users and over 10 million downloads on the google play store. 

Though it is the second most popular crypto exchange by trading volume, it has the most significant number of users worldwide.

Coinbase has revolutionized cryptocurrencies worldwide with its Web3 website and app services and has introduced NFTs and crypto self-custody wallets to its users. 

Users can also stake their cryptocurrencies and earn interest on them.

New crypto users on the platform have access to various intelligent tools that will help them build their portfolios and articles that give them information on how to start trading.


CoinW exchange review: Kraken
CoinW exchange review: alternative

Kraken is another popular platform for trading cryptocurrencies. Users who sign up on the Platform can invest in different cryptocurrencies by buying or selling. 

In addition, Kraken has different payment options for its users to withdraw their money, like Google Pay and PayPal.

Users can also swap cryptocurrencies, are charged low exchange rates, and have the best maximum security, like biometric verification, when using the platform. 

It is one of the world’s largest and oldest cryptocurrency exchanges, with over 6 million active users and 1 million app downloads on the google play store.

Traders can choose from over 120 cryptocurrencies available on the platform and see when prices fluctuate.

In addition, users can easily buy or sell their cryptocurrencies using simple forms or custom orders and track their transaction history.

If a user’s device gets stolen, you can revoke its access from your account, thus securely protecting your account details.

CoinW exchange review: pros and cons

Like everything we find out there, CoinW has its merits and demerits. Below are its pros and cons;


  • Cryptocurrency trading
  • Cryptocurrency exchange
  • Extensively available cryptocurrencies


  • Lack of detailed information for visitors and first-timers.
  • Instability of Live Chats
  • Slow response rates
  • Unimpressive features
  • Complicated interface

Frequently asked questions

Is there a CoinW coin?

Yes, it’s called CoinW Token (CWT).

Which has lower transaction fees between Binance and CoinW?

Binance has lower transaction fees compared to CoinW.

How Are Cryptocurrencies Traded?

Cryptocurrencies can be traded in different ways. The most popular options are on an exchange market or using financial derivative instruments such as the CFD.

Do I need to complete the identity verification before trading?

No, you need not complete the identity verification before trading on CoinW. Still, if you want to trade in the OTC market, identity verification is a requirement you must meet.

However, if your account triggers risk control, CoinW reserves the right to request identity verification from you at any time.


It is a common saying that you never know something unless you try it.

So head over to the google play store, download the CoinW app, or visit the CoinW website,

fill in the required details, and start trading. CoinW might give you the best experience in your trading journey.

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