KuCoin Vs CoinW: The Ultimate Comparison 2022 

Kucoin vs CoinW

In this article, [KuCoin vs. CoinW], we’re going to examine the differences, pros and cons of these crypto exchange platforms.

KuCoin and CoinW are both growing trading platforms available in the crypto trading industry today. 

They allow users to trade assets, store crypto, and buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

KuCoin and CoinW were launched in late 2017 with similar approaches but slight differences based on customer support, ease of use, traded assets, etc.

Both have so many unique features suitable for both beginners and pros, so you can rest assured that you will get what will serve you in the end.

If you need a quick answer as to which wins on the comparison, then CoinW wins with a raw score of 9.3 and 8.7 for KuCoin.

We put KuCoin and CoinW side by side and examine the ease of use, mobile app, traded assets, customer support, and much more.

We do this to help you make an informed decision as you are starting in the crypto trading industry or planning to change your trading platform.

Let’s get to work!

KuCoin vs. CoinW: Overview

Here, we will be looking at the overview of both platforms so that you can know what to expect as we proceed.

Let’s dive in!

KuCoin Overview

As of today, KuCoin is a well-known crypto trading platform in the industry as it has established itself as a one-stop platform for all crypto-related.

The platform came into the industry in 2017 with many unique features to help beginners and pros do more in the trading industry.

KuCoin has over 200 cryptocurrencies on its platform that is available for trading, buying, and selling at any point in time.

The platform has some excellent security, many enabled, ensuring the safety of its users’ funds. It includes bank-level security, a slick interface, etc.

KuCoin has an immaculate and beginner user face, ensuring you can always find your way around it anytime.

However, it would be best to remember that you will always be a beginner for any platform or app you use for the first time.

But one thing you can be sure of is that it’s straightforward for you to find your way around it.

KuCoin has a mobile app for Android and IOS users, which is available for download across its countries of operations.

They’re more than justified in how cool the platform looks, which you will learn as you further your reading.

CoinW Overview

CoinW is a relatively new trading platform launched in late 2017 and gained many loyal users.

It results from its many outstanding features, welcome bonuses, top-notch free trading signals, and the like.

One of the most beautiful things about CoinW is the mobile app. You can efficiently operate it even though you have never handled one before.

CoinW gives free daily market signals with a high success rate, so you can be sure of seeing reasonable investment returns.

However, you can only trade the signals on its platform. Yes, it’s limited to it. 

Anyway, there’s no reason you will not want to trade on the platform because it’s pretty cool.

CoinW went ahead of its competitors to organize live sessions with the platform’s founders once a week or month.

The team will answer all your queries and worries, and many giveaways will be available to win.

That sounds interesting. Yes, it’s. Who doesn’t like free stuff?

 KuCoin vs. CoinW: Review

Here, we will look at what existing users of both platforms are saying about them.

We will be able to establish these facts using popular review sites such as Trustpilot and G2.

It will not just show you what the platform looks like but also tell you what to expect as you pick one of the two at the end.

Let’s start with trustpilot.


CoinW has the edge over KuCoin on this platform, with a rating of 1.8/ 5 for KuCoin and 2.9/5 for CoinW.

Let’s look at 2 to 4 screenshots of KuCoin and CoinW!

The first screenshot on the list is for a user talking well about the platform, as you can see below.

KuCoin vs Coinw: Trust pilot

In contrast, the other one is also for KuCoin, but the user complains about the platform.

Take a look yourself.

The bad or the good review will not justify the platform’s integrity. 

The reason is that most users might not be patient enough to read through instructions or wait for customer support to attend to them appropriately.

You should study the platform yourself to make the best of the platform.

That’s for KuCoin, as per the screenshot.

Unfortunately, we could not provide screenshots for CoinW while writing this content.

We will update it here with screenshots once users drop some on the mentioned platform.

However, this doesn’t mean this platform isn’t safe; it is very safe because we also use it at tradingneed.com.

And that leads us to the next chapter!


 G2 is another popular online review site where we will look at what people say about both platforms.

On this site, nobody is yet to talk about CoinW, while KuCoin is rated 2.5 stars over 5.

The reviews contain the cons and pros of the platform. You might need to look at some yourself with the help of the screenshots below.

The first is the excellent review.

On the other hand, the latter is a bad review.

KuCoin vs Coinw: G2

Note: As for CoinW, we will make sure we update this content when this change. I mean reviews on those sites.

Not having a review yet doesn’t mean CoinW is a lousy platform. It means KuCoin only has a more significant percentage of market share than CoinW.

It might result from a significant investment budget and cool referral bonuses, which CoinW has its own. You can check here.

KuCoin vs. CoinW: Ideal For?

KuCoin is an excellent platform if you already have a little experience with what the trading industry looks like or if you are looking for a trading platform that could serve all of you better.

The little experience, I mean, you already have your signals available, you know to set futures and other trading strategies up, etc.

Without these not being considered, KuCoin might not be an excellent idea for you.

CoinW, on the other hand, is an idea for both complete beginners who know little to nothing about trading.

The platform will give you daily crypto market signals and weekly to monthly live presentations to inform you about what is new in the trading industry.

And how you could benefit significantly from the ever-changing technology in as much as crypto trading is involved.

Anyways, not just crypto trading but other related assets are being talked about in the crypto market.

KuCoin vs. CoinW: Assets Traded

Let’s quickly look at the rundown of the assets traded on each platform.

If you are wondering what assets mean, assets are cryptocurrencies that are being bought and sold on the platform.

It’s a good idea to look at them to know what to expect.

KuCoin Assets

At a glance, KuCoin has over 600 cryptocurrencies and is the most popular based on market capitalization.

They include:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • Binance Coin (BNB)
  • Binance Coin (BUSD)
  • Cardano (ADA)
  • XRP (XRP)
  • USD Coin (USDC)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE), etc.

You can also make money from the lists of its top-gainers, which are displayed on its official website homepage.

CoinW Assets

It appears that the same coins available on KuCoin are the same on CoinW.

However, CoinW has 320 assets while KuCoin has over 600 assets; that is quite a vast difference in numbers.

Although, it’s nothing to look into if your desired coins are available for trading on CoinW.

Some of the popular coins on the platform are:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • Binance Coin (BNB)
  • Binance Coin (BUSD)
  • Cardano (ADA)
  • XRP (XRP)
  • USD Coin (USDC)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE), etc.

With over 320 coins, you can still make so much money based on the daily free market signals and its staking.

KuCoin vs. CoinW: Support

You will agree with me when I say that one of the essential things a platform must have is outstanding customer support.

It is part of what makes the falling and the succeeding businesses, most especially.

Life happens, and we get stuck, and we need quick responses and answers to move from point A to point B if they’re to know one to attend to us in our time of need.

Let’s look at how effective both customer support services look.

Live Chat

KuCoin has live chat support on its website. The downside is that you can chat with only a Bot.

A Bot has already been programmed, and it cannot supply more than the information inside it.

It is not a good idea if you are stuck or need customer support to attend to you on time while using the platform.

CoinW, on the other hand, also has live chat support enabled on its platform, and it’s a real woman that will attend to you.

It is an added advantage to the platform, and I believe it cannot be overlooked because it is a beautiful feature.

So, for this, CoinW wins!

If this is one of the reasons why you are selecting which to use, then go for CoinW since it could serve you better.

Email Support

KuCoin email support generally responds within 24 hours, depending on the available emails they need to attend to.

As for this, I believe it still makes some logical sense to reply within 24 hours because most customer support generally replies within 48 hours.

CoinW customer email support works round the clock because the response is fast and top-notch.

In my case, it’s the reason why I love using the platform. If this is one of the factors you want to consider, too, then it’s a good idea you go for CoinW.

What you select at the end or what outsmarts each other will depend on whether you need that particular feature.

If you don’t need it, then be thoughtful in your selection.


As you can see, both platforms are excellent, with lots of fantastic and unique features that you will hardly find anywhere else.

The ease of use, customer support, a well-designed mobile app, and the like are top-notch.

As you begin your journey with any of these platforms, what you choose now will depend on several factors.

However, keep in mind that KuCoin is pretty cool if you already have little pro experience, while CoinW is an excellent idea if you are a beginner.

Signing up on CoinW is a wise decision if you are already a pro because you can make lots of ROI with the help of the signals and other tutorials the team gives.

Do you want to begin with KuCoin? Get started on the official website here and download the mobile app here.

Or CoinW make sense to you? Register and download the mobile app on Google Playstore or App Store.

Now, it’s your turn!

Which platform are you getting started with?

Why do you choose either KuCoin or CoinW?

Are they any features that are missing?

Use the comment section below, and let’s talk!

Frequently asked questions

Let’s quickly run through the popular questions we get from our blog users about KuCoin and CoinW.

Are KuCoin and CoinW the same?

KuCoin and CoinW are well-designed and established crypto trading platforms. They use the same fee structures and similar business strategies, but you will still find slight differences between them, and this content can help you determine which is best.

Which is better, KuCoin or CoinW?

It shows that CoinW has a smoother user experience based on ease of use, mobile app, trading fee, and the like. KuCoin has a raw score of 8.7, while CoinW has a raw score of 9.3.

Is KuCoin Cheaper than CoinW?

No, Kucoin is not cheaper than CoinW because CoinW uses the very lowest pricing structure in the market. It doesn’t charge anything on some of its trading features, like spot trading.

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