WhiteBit vs. Bitmart Review [Which is The Best – 2021?]

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Last Updated: 5th October 2021.

In today’s WhiteBit vs. Bitmart review article, we will thorough justice to both platforms, enabling you to make an informed decision.

Nearly everybody who knows about cryptos now accepts that it is indeed the future of payments globally.

The most interesting part it is much more convenient, fast, and secure than a traditional payments system.

As a result, it is rapidly growing, and so many platforms have emerged.

To help individuals and businesses tap into the cryptosystem either for trading or buying.

But the scam of these cryptocurrency trading websites is genuinely alarming, and everyone wants to be very careful before investing their hard-earned money into any platform.

It might be why you are looking for WhiteBit vs. Mitmart review, or you want to see what both platforms entail.

Anyone you fall under, you have to the right place.

Let us start.

Overview Of WhiteBit vs. Bitmart Review

Both platforms are cryptocurrency trading platforms with different approaches and offer more features than each other.

WhiteBit is an Estonia-based country founded in 2018, and Bitmart is a Cayman Islands-based company established in the year 2018.

Both platforms have significant differences you need to consider, and part of it is that WhiteBit is not allowed to US users while Bitmart is and this.

WhiteBit and Bitmat platforms are easy to navigate and play around with; however, Bitmart is more user-friendly than WhiteBirt. 

And that is Because the Birtmart homepage is well designed and easy to navigate around. 

Compared to that of the WhiteBit homepage.

WhiteBit offers more seller fees compared to Birtmart, but Birtmart provides more features than that.

WhiteBit vs. Bitmart Review: At A Glance

WhiiteBit vs. Bitmart: Features

It would be best to keep in mind that the platforms are both cryptocurrency trading platforms but for different sets of people.

However, both platforms have in common is they are both offering mobile app applications for their user, which is great because, with the mobile app, you will be able to trade anytime, any day, anywhere.

Another prominent feature about both platforms is that they both have a coin staking feature.

What coin staking means is that you will be able to stake your coin with the platform with agreed percentage returns, and the most exciting part of this is that it is risk-free.

The level of the return you can earn depends on both platforms, but with WhiteBit, you can make up to 50% return Annual Percentage Yield (APY), and they are also some short time staking on Birmart also.

In addition, the WhiteBit platform is not available in the US while Bitmart is, and that set it aside over WhiteBit.

Bitmart provides institution to its client which means that as an institution, you will have access to:

  • Discounted Trading Fees
  • 24/7 One-Client support
  • Seamless API connectivity

I consider the above-listed outlines excellent because they provide you with all you need to know to have a successful business.

Compared with WhiteBit, it doesn’t offer such a platform, but it provides excellent services for its users.

Both platforms provide powerful APIs, which provide seamless connectivity with an external venue which is great.

They still have some excellent features, which you can learn more directly on the official website here.

And that leads us to the next chapter.

WhiteBit vs. Bitmart: Supported Currencies

I believe this is an aspect most people consider when selecting a cryptocurrency trading platform, and yes, it should be.

Firstly, Bitmart supports crypto futures trading, which WhiteBit doesn’t help.

Futures trading is an agreement to buy or sell a stock in the future at an agreed or a planned price. It can also be called exchange trading.

WhiteBit provides 63 cryptos, while Bitmart supports 110 coins that you can start trading with immediately joining the platform.

Both platforms support the top crypto in the industry, cryptos like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) USD, and other popular coins.

WhiteBit also offers over 150 currencies trading pairs, while Bitmart provides over 200 trading pairs.

There are also some currencies on Bitmart but not on WhiteBit, and the apparent reason for saying this is that Bitmart supports 110 currency while WhiteBit supports only 63.

WhiteBit vs. Bitmart: Security

Security plays a vital role in the success of a business, most especially in this cyberspace.

So if a platform is good and offers lots of unique features that have ever been in existence and have poor security, it will likely fail.

The first thing that will make it fail is that hackers will hijack its user’s funds within the platform.

And trust me, no one wants to joke with their hard-earned money, and not even me either.

Now, let us look at two of them securities level and see what they have in common and what they don’t have.

Both platforms support a two-factor authentication code (2FA) as part of their securities feature, and it is the best thing all users that sign up must complete.

2FA is the act of securing your account with your email and also with your phone number.

To use the 2FA security feature, “a one-time code will be sent” to your phone number to confirm that this number belonged to you when you applied for this feature.

Both platforms also use a cold room securities future.

What cold room means is that all the platform users’ data and their coins will store somewhere safe offline and where it is stored is called a cold room.

The WhiteBit platform stores up to 96% of its user’s data and coins in the cold room for security purposes.

While Bitmart also stores up to 99% of the raw data in the cold room.

security - WhiteBit vs. Bitmart Review

Bitmart provides withdrawal confirmation steps which means that for every withdrawal you want to make on the platform, you will have to confirm it through your email or your phone number.

The Bitmart platform also provides top-notch securities such as: 

  • IP Adress detection and Monitor
  • Advanced API key permissions
  • Encrypted personal information
  • Protection against DDOS attacks
  • Automatic backup of the database
  • Hot wallet
  • Cold wallet
  • Trust-worthy team.

WhiteBit also offers some fantastic securities features that guarantee the safety of your funds and data summited to them while signing up.

But generally, Bitmart wins in terms of security, but both platforms WhiteBit and Bitmart, are considered safe to use.

WhiteBit vs. Bitmart: Fees

I am generally speaking and looking at the overall fees of the WhiteBit and Bitmart. 

WhiteBit has the lowest fee, and it is only one of the cheapest fees in the industry after you have removed Binance.

That doesn’t say Bitmart’s fee is high much; it is very much more affordable, but most users look at this without dealing with a platform.

So you can use the table below to study their fees and their deposit/withdraw fees and methods.

Supported Cryptos63110
Taker Fee0.10%0.10%
Marker Fee0.10%0.25%
Withdrawal Fee0.0004BTC0.0005BTC
Wire TransferAvailableNot Available
Credit CardAvailableAvailable
US Investors AllowedNot AllowedAllowed
Offers DeriativesNot AvailableNot Available

The above-listed outlines are the fees, and you can decide which one suits you the best while looking at other features both platforms have.

Because at times, fees are not enough if you can’t find what you are looking for on the platform.

WhiteBit vs. Bitmart: Ease Of Use

A platform can be great, but it doesn’t want it if navigating around it is terrible.

A platform that provides good UX to its users and is easy to navigate if such platform fees are on the highway, people will still use it.

The reason for saying that is because it is convenient and who wants convenience rather than what gives them a headache all day-night.

In a word, Bitmart is more user-friendly than WhiteBit in so many ways.

The homepage provides the possible options mention that potential customers might be looking for on the website.

It also goes as much as diving its spot section into two sections which are:

  • Standard
  • Advance

The standard is for the average user who is not good at trading cryptos or is generally new in the crypto world.

With the standard interface, you will see a simple way to buy and sell cryptos out and how you can enter the market in a possible simple way.

The charts are also clear and easy to understand base on my experience and trust me, they could not be more good than that.

Bitmart’s advanced section provides you full access to all trading tools, clear charts, currencies that can be paired together on the right-hand side.

You have access to market trade, sell limit, buy limit, and other unique market tools, which I considered interesting.

The WhiteBit platform, on the other hand, provides an easy interface also and it is not in any way confusing.

WhiteBit users can customize their dashboard according to their significant preference.

In addition, both platforms provide mobile app applications that help you trade easily, securely, and conveniently any time of the day.

And two of them are nearly rated the same stars on the Google play store.

WhiteBit vs Mitmart: Pros and Cons

This review will be biased if I don’t talk about the pros and cons of both platforms.

So we will be using this section to talk about what is good and bad about both platforms.

WhiteBit Pros

  • Perform up to 10,000 trading within minutes
  • Instant peer to peer transaction from the team
  • Customize your dashboard to your taste
  • Coin staking up to 16% returns
  • Low transactions fees

Cons of WhiteBit

  • No demo account
  • Not enough online communities
  • Not available to US users

Bitmart Pros

  • Powerful APIs
  • Easy and Advanced trading system
  • Online communities in terms of supports and research
  • Advanced securities system
  • Available to US users.

Bitmart Cons

  • No demo account
  • High transaction fees

WhiteBit vs. Bitmart Review: Which Is The Best?

Answering which is the best depends on individual opinion because what seems to be the best for you might be bad for you.

And that is because I might consider using a platform. After all, I saw fantastic stuff about it, and it should not be beneficial to you.

So the advice is that you should look at the features, fees, and other essential factors you think you need before signing up with either WhiteBit or Bitmart.

But technically, Bitmart is the best in terms of features, ease of use, and convenience.

Bitmart is also available in the US, while WhiteBit is not available to US investors.

If you are looking at the fee section and are not from the US, you can consider going for WhiteBit.com.

But if you want a platform with more advanced features and are from the US, you can consider going for Bitmart.com. It seems to be the best in this case.


I believe that the WhiteBit vs. Bitmart review doesn’t just show you what the platform has in store but also helps you make an informed decision.

Both platforms are great and suitable for all levels of users, both beginners, and advanced traders.

But the Bitmart has more features than WhiteBit.

However, WhiteBit has a more low pricing system than Bitmart.

It is just left to choose the one you find most interesting and gives the overall needs of what you want.

With that, we have come to the end of this WhiteBit vs. Bitmart review.

Which of the platform have you decided to use?

What makes you considered it is the best for you?

Do you have any questions about WhiteBit vs. Bitmart review?

Do let me know in the comment section below.

You can also read WhiteBit’s full review here.

In addition, if you find this WhiteBit vs. Bitmart review helpful, do share it on your social media.

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